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Australia's Helping Hand Inc. is an Australian based charity association that provides help to the support the children born with disabilities.
Our aim is to provide support for the disadvantaged children of Vietnam by purchasing wheelchairs.
To do this, AHH organises fundraising events, i.e. dinner nights and concert's and releases funds and resources to the poor of Vietnam.
AHH is a non-profit organisation guided by an expertise - based board elected by fee paying members.
With resources available to us, AHH aims to bring help that is real practical and lasting. For example if someone is hungry we provide them with food, if they are homeless we try to find them a home with family's to take them in, and if they are poor we try to find them an income.
But our help doesn't stop there... we work with people to give them the skills of life skills and confidence to bring improved quality of life, restoration, transformation and hope.
The project we are supporting is disabled children by providing them with wheechairs.
For further information please contact Ian Collard on 0416119809 Email: ian-collard@bigpond.com

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